Josh Howie

Episode 18 – Josh Howie

In this episode I sit down with fantastic British comedian Josh Howie and we discuss his career, how he started and how he has evolved. Also Josh has a great agent so we discuss how this can help a comedian. Check out Josh’s twitter feed for more from him. Did I mention we are talking in a Hesburger in Vantaa? Running time 35 mins.


Episode 17 – Dag Sørås

I was in Norway this week and I sat down with their best comic and buddy of mine, Dag Sørås to talk about how the tragedy in Norway effected the comedy scene there. What was it like in the days after? How are comedians talking about it now? Are things still off limits? An interesting talk about how comedy exists on the edge of society. Running time 26 mins.


Episode 16 – Tomi Walamies

Today’s episode is with one of the best joke writers I know, Tomi Walamies of Finland and we sit down and discuss what is a joke? How is one made? Why is a joke funny? While Evin’s podcast was about how to construct a whole narrative, this looks at comedy line by line. Lets hope the frog makes it. Running time 54 mins.

Evin Donohoe-5451

Episode 15 – Evin Donohoe

My old buddy from Australia, Evin Donohoe visits us in Estonia and Finland and we sit down and talk about writing. He is a story teller type and has written his first 1 hour show and is now planning is next. I had to find out: just how the fuck do you go about doing that? Running time 44 mins.


Episode 14 – Thomas Smith

This is a slightly different episode, done via Skype with Belgium comedian Thomas Smith. Thomas contacted us wanting to visit Estonia and I thought while he was an accomplished comedian, his style didn’t quite fit. Thomas popped up on chat and we started to talk and I thought to make our discussion into a podcast instead. Decide for yourself. Running time 31 mins.


Episode 13 – Markus Birdman

I sit down in Ali’s cafe with Markus Birdman who is an amazing comedian and makes his living as a headliner across England and also tours world wide. We talk about how you go about making your rent from focusing on live shows.


Episode 12 – Phil Schwarzmann

I sit down with my close buddy Phil Schwarzmann for a good chat about comedy and how we do it. We discuss how we met and then how the English scene has evolved across Finland with the shows we run. We also discuss Phil’s new book “How to Marry A Finnish Girl”. Running time 45 mins.

Plakat fight

Episode 11 – Jason Rouse

Jason Rouse visited Tallinn last month and rocked the roof off Club Prive. The next day, rather hungover we sat down and talked about… well who knows what we talked about. It wasn’t so much an interview as us just talking shit for 30 minutes. With Jason Rouse though the conversation is always interesting. Running time 32 mins.


Episode 10 – Eric Seufert

To mark the big one zero I have interviewed Comedy Estonia’s own Eric Seufert. Eric and I talk about his style of comedy, the comedy scene in Europe, how we want Comedy Estonia to grow and also his move to Helsinki. This episode is a bit longer but I think it’s a good chat with my old buddy. Running time 62 mins.


Episode 9 – Anders Celin

Swede Anders Celin is a gem who is probably misunderstood in his own country. He has a clever, cheeky style of writing jokes and we sit down and discuss controversy, how to make a living from comedy and just where was Jason Rouse? Running time 22 mins.